The University of St Andrews Refugee and Forced Mobility Network was founded in December 2018, under the remit of the VP International (Prof Brad MacKay) with the aims of developing university strategy and policy for academics at risk (in the broadest sense) and providing a resource hub for current support, projects, research and teaching relating to refugees and forced mobility. Read our mission statement.

This website provides:

  • Information on University support and involvement with refugees and forced migrants.
  • Links to information and schemes for support.
  • Links to volunteering opportunities.
  • A space for related research and teaching in the University.
  • Advertising events (town and gown) related to the themes of the group.

You are welcome to get in touch if you would like further information or support, or if you would like to share details of upcoming related events or inform us of teaching and research being undertaken at the University.

Membership of the steering committee is open to all and current members include: