Network Mission

The University of St Andrews Refugee and Forced Migration Network has been established with the aims of developing university strategy and policy for academics at risk (in the broadest sense) and providing a resource hub for current support, projects, research and teaching relating to refugees and forced mobility.

The Network Steering committee will

  • Provide guidance and manage activities which will contribute to the University of St Andrews goal of becoming a University of Sanctuary.
  • To publicise University support and involvement with refugees and forced migrants.
  • Manage the website, which provides a space for research and teaching in the University, as well as listing events (town and gown) related to the themes of the group.
  • Develop and encourage a network of involvement within the university to foster holistic support for refuges and forced migrants.
  • Coordinate links to other academic groups in Scotland and the UK (such as the RSE and CARA) will make available a wide range of resources and information for academics at risk.
  • Will contribute to policy making for the University’s development of support for refugees and forced migrants.
  • Will coordinate support for refugees and forced migrants who are studying/working at the University.

The steering committee is made up of volunteers who are interested in helping to achieve Sanctuary Status for the University of St Andrews. representation from across the academic network as well as members from strategic positions across the university including the Global Office, Development, the International Education Institute, the Chaplaincy and Events.